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Beginners German Toolkit. Lesson plans updated June 2022.

This toolkit was developed for older primary pupils, but is equally effective for older beginners, including adults. As these plans have formatting that doesn't always sit easily on Typepad, I'm uploading each lesson in Word, as I write it. Please contact me if you have problems downloading a lesson plan.

Update  To present the idea of gender in nouns, I would now start simple sentences with neuter nouns only, eg Ich habe ein Buch, wir haben ein Haus, and then add masculine and feminine. The idea of gender involves a big change in thinking for English speakers, and putting neuter first, which involves no change in the accusative case, makes the first step much easier. There is then only one change in simple sentences with masculine nounse, introducing accusative, which needs a lot of explanation in itself.

Download Primary-German-toolkit-introduction-and-principles

Download German-toolkit-lesson-1-corrected

Download German toolkit lesson 2

Download German toolkit lesson 3

Download German toolkit lesson 4

Download German toolkit lesson 5

Download German toolkit lesson 6

Download German Toolkit Lesson 7

Download German toolkit lesson 8

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