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J - an amazing turnround. More will follow.

All of my teaching and remote CPD is now pro bono. Please get in touch if I can help.

I’m the Y6 teacher of J and am amazed at the turnaround we have seen since working with John Bald and using his expertise/method. My LSA has taken on board this concept too and together, reading with him every day, we are seeing more and more progress and more confidence 😊 He has changed the way he thinks. At the start of the year I didn’t think this was possible. I’d encourage anyone to try it and read the article. Thank you, John 👍

and from J's mother

Good morning John,

J  is really starting to enjoy reading. He’s seems to be coming home wanting to do homework and reading more. We are so pleased with him. We thank you for all your help.

and father

It's an emotional tear that I'm wiping away now. 

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